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The work of a mason requires several precautions. Indeed, it is a profession that requires vigilance and specific expertise. Many occupational risks are indeed to be considered. Because of the different movements on congested and uneven soils, work at height, handling heavy loads, binding work postures, exposure to ultraviolet rays, dust and the hazards of time … their work is qualified as dangerous and deadly.


What are the main risks of bricklayers?


Several risks are therefore incurred by the masons on a daily basis: the risks related to travel, the risks related to handling, the risks associated with working at height, the risks associated with working outdoors, chemical risks, respiratory risks and organizational risks. , among others.


These dangers are numerous and directly affect the health and safety of the mason. In particular, he may be physically deformed, develop respiratory problems, injure himself by carrying a heavy load and / or handling building-specific machines and machines, etc. As soon as he goes out to work, the mason is in danger!


What are the preventive measures to take?


Occupational risks associated with masonry work may be limited. To do this, a collective prevention must be adopted by the company that employs them, both on the sites where the mason is assigned to the office of the company.


Among these collective measures, there is the obligation to organize the site, the coordination Safety and Health Protection or SPS, the working facilities at height, the handling aids, the choice of the products to use, the protection individual training and safety training.


Each of these measures is usually accompanied by a lot of actions to preserve the safety and health of the mason. The facilities, the good habits and postures, the formations, the wearing of adapted clothes … are just as many details that must be respected to preach the safety of the mason!